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Network Operation Planning: Case Studies and Capability Building

April 22, 2021

Network operation planning aims to guide the day-to-day operation and development of the road network. These management activities are regularly completed and documented through the development of Network Operation Plans (NOPs), which link policy objectives while managing competing transport and land use priorities. This intent of NOPs is generally agreed, but the way and level of application varies across the jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand. The recent adoption of the Movement and Place (M&P) Framework in most of these jurisdictions has also influenced NOPs.

Austroads has led a review to understand current NOP practices and provide material to build capabilities in state and local government agencies to increase NOP use and implementation. The approach to increase NOP use and application consisted of a review of relevant literature, five case studies in four jurisdictions and a detailed review of the Network Fit Assessment Tool. There was also engagement with state transport agencies.

The project has produced an online Reference Material Library to help those looking to develop or evolve NOP processes.

The webinar, presented by Andrew Somers, Will Fooks and Alex Blackett, covers:

  • an overview of the activities undertaken as part of this project.
  • a summary of the takeaways from the review of current practices.
  • an introduction to the Online Library.