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Austroads Technical Specifications for Roadworks and Bridgeworks

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Currently, most Austroads member agencies rely on their unique technical specifications for the delivery of roadworks and bridge projects. In many cases, these specifications have been developed over a number of years in consultation with local industry and suppliers.

While it is recognised that there will always be some requirements that will only apply to a single jurisdiction, standardising specifications (and the associated test methods) has the potential to improve work processes for road agencies, suppliers and contractors.

To increase efficiency for road agencies and industry and optimise compliance with contract requirements, 14 technical specifications have been published for all Austroads member agencies to use for the construction of roadworks and bridgeworks. These specifications are suitable for use with any general conditions of contract, including design and construct contracts. They are expected to be used in conjunction with supplementary local or contract specific requirements.

This webinar, presented by Richard Edwards, takes participants through the technical specifications development process and provides an overview of the structure and layout adopted for the specifications.

Engineering Guideline to Bridge Asset Management

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The Engineering Guideline to Bridge Asset Management was developed to provide specific asset management guidance for road bridges. The guideline promotes an engineering approach (engineering principles, knowledge, experience and modelling tools) as being the only robust method for understanding the current and future, condition and needs of a bridge network.

The guideline defines best practice asset management for bridges over their lifecycle in a manner that will provide a transparent link between investment and outcomes. It includes a specific and detailed asset management framework for bridges.

This webinar, presented by Barry Wright, Torill Pape and Peter Shaw, takes participants through the development of the guideline and provides an overview of the key principles and learnings contained in the guideline.

Procurement Decision Tool: A Case Study of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

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This webinar, presented by Adrian Bridge on 31 July 2020, provides an overview of a new procurement tool and its application to a road infrastructure project, the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing in Queensland.

The tool has been designed to significantly advance value for money in the delivery of infrastructure projects.

Introduction to the Life Cycle Costing Framework and its Application to Sealed Roads

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This webinar, faciliated by Tyrone Toole, Phil Hunt and Ranita Sen on 17 June 2020, focuses on the life-cycle costing framework and a suite of practical examples to demonstrate how to assess the best use of available marginal and non‑standard materials in sealed roads in different geographical and climactic conditions in Australia.

Sustainable Roads Through Fit-for-purpose Use of Available Materials

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This webinar, presented on 15 April 2020, provides an overview of the key components which influence fit-for-purpose material selection for low to medium volume regional and rural roads.

It covers:

  • material performance and risk assessment
  • risk reduction techniques
  • materials option assessment
  • life cycle cost assessment process.

It considers material properties, traffic, climate, material modification and stabilisation, and life-cycle-cost implications. Case studies provide real-life, practical examples.

It was presented by Mick Savage, Zia Rice and Tyrone Toole.

Managing Sealed and Unsealed Local Roads

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This webinar provides an overview of the life cycle management of local sealed and unsealed  roads. It highlights the Austroads Guides and the AUS-SPEC national local government specification system which assist local government practitioners to design, construct and maintain sealed and unsealed roads.

The webinar was presented on 17 February 2020 by Mick Savage and Nandini Mehta.

Australasian Road Asset Data Standard – Opportunities for Local Government

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This webinar outlines how local road managers can use the data standard and engage with collaboration activities, to provide access to new asset management and maintenance insights with minimal impact on workload. 

It covers:

  • the Austroads Data Standard’s design, and definitions, and the multiple ways it can be used
  • how harmonised data sets are being used to promote benefits at local and national levels
  • how this supports national transport and infrastructure reform actions
  • how the collaboration process works, and the insights gained from local government currently participating
  • how harmonised data sets provide new asset management insights.

The webinar was presented on 29 November 2019 by Angus Draheim, Georgia O’Cianain, Ashish Shah and Muhammad Khatree.

Austroads Guide to Asset Management

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This webinar provides an overview of the 2018 edition of the Austroads Guide to Asset Management. 

It covers:

  • road infrastructure scene in which the Guide operates
  • definition of asset management in a road agency context
  • reference to the ISO standards that the Guide is founded on
  • core concepts of the Guide
  • integrated asset management framework approach.

The webinar was presented on 4 July 2019 by Dr Tim Martin. 


Developing the Data to Support Heavy Vehicle Road Reforms

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This webinar provides an update on Austroads’ project to develop the data to support the Heavy Vehicle Road Reforms.

It covers

  • the background of the heavy vehicle road reforms
  • how the Heavy Vehicle Infrastructure Rating is calculated and used
  • online tools that have made the process of gathering data, producing ratings and sharing results easy and practical
  • current efforts to include local government roads in the asset register.

The webinar was presented on 14 March 2019 by Ulysses Ai.

Long-term Pavement Performance Study

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This webinar provides an overview of Austroads’ long-term pavement performance study.

It covers

  • establishment and long-term monitoring of an in-service pavement test section
  • the develop pavement performance road deterioration (RD) and works effects (WE) models
  • methodology, benefits and outcomes of the study.

The webinar was presented on 7 March 2019 by Lith Choummanivong and Dr Tim Martin.

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