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An Australian Drink Driving Policy and Regulatory Framework

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This webinar, delivered on 9 April 2020, examines alcohol related road trauma and reports on the differing legislation, penalty and enforcement policies and practices in place across Australian jurisdictions. It recommends improvements in policy and practice for both the short and long term.

It was presented by Greer Banyer, Eric Howard and Anne Harris.

Improving Driver Licensing Programs for Indigenous Road Users and Transitioning Learnings to Other User Groups

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This webinar presents an overview of the barriers to driver licensing program access experienced by Indigenous people and ideas on potential common underpinnings for future policy and program design, data collection and reporting.

It covers:

  • why improving access to driver training and licensing programs for Indigenous people is important
  • what the literature and jurisdictional experience say about what works, what doesn't and why and what this suggests about future program and policy priorities and engagement of other harder to engage groups
  • a program logic approach to achieving future program improvement and national coherence
  • a framework for the adoption of national policy principles to underpin program design and implementation¬†
  • a proposed national minimum data set to support program assessment and improvement.

The webinar was presented on 27 February 2019 by Paul Rajan.

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