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Proposed Signage for Low and Zero Emission Vehicles and Associated Infrastructure

March 22, 2022

Austroads has published a report proposing a set of symbols for low and zero emission vehicles (LZEVs) and associated charging or refuelling infrastructure to be used on road signs and for road marking in Australia and New Zealand. The proposal forms a basis for testing and standardisation of the symbols (according to the Australian Standards) and their adoption in the Australian Road Rules and signage manuals.

The background of this work is that with the uptake of low and zero emission vehicles, consistent signage for electric-powered vehicle parking and charging is required. New Zealand has rolled out charging signage nationwide. However, in Australia there are currently no standardised low and zero emission vehicle symbols or signs.

This webinar, presented by Dr Robert Kochhan, Paul Hayes and Dr Clarissa Han, provides an overview of the report and the proposed symbols for the following five categories:

  • Electric-powered vehicle
  • Electric-powered vehicle being charged
  • Charging station for electric-powered vehicles
  • Hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle and associated refuelling infrastructure
  • Access to lanes and roadways designated for electric-powered vehicles and hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles.