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Updated Roadside Design Guidance: Crash Risk Evaluation

September 22, 2020

Minimising the risk of roadside crashes is important in reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads. The recently updated Part 6 of the Austroads Guide to Road Design includes a new method to determine the risk associated with roadside crashes and to identify where risk mitigation treatments are required on urban and rural road networks. The approach establishes a Network Roadside Risk Threshold (NRRIT) which consistently directs the locations for treatments within projects.

This webinar is focused on user guidance, including the practical application of the new method. The webinar describes the new procedure for evaluating a rural road network, how policies will influence decisions and how the NRRIT can consistently delineate road sections where treatments are required.

The webinar also provides the basis of the procedure by using a simpler example so that participants can appreciate its broader application. The example demonstrates how risk graphs, based on contemporary knowledge, can be used to expedite the assessment procedure.

Presented by Peter Ellis and Rod Troutbeck.