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Introduction to the Life-Cycle Costing Framework and its Application to Unsealed Roads

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This webinar, presented on 30 June 2020 by Zia Rice, Tyrone Toole and Lory Noya, looks specifically into the use of the life-cycle costing framework and the important components that are considered for the assessment of an unsealed road. Special guest speakers from ARRB’s Asset Management team provide greater detail into the life-cycle costing examples through the presentation of several case studies.

Measuring Pedestrians – Survey and Audit Methods

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This webinar presented by Ann-Marie Head and Jeanette Ward on 3 June 2020 focused on why and how to measure walking activities. The webinar highlighted the Guide to Traffic Management series which was recently updated to incorporate international good practice pedestrian planning and design guidance.

Integrating Safe System with Movement and Place with for Vulnerable Road Users

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This webinar, presented by Dr Bruce Corben on 26 March 2020, demonstrates ways to integrate Safe System design and operation with Movement and Place for vulnerable road users, in particular pedestrians and cyclists.

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