Austroads: Transport Research and Trends

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Operations of Automated Heavy Vehicles in Remote and Regional Areas

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This webinar presents challenges around the introduction of automated heavy vehicles to remote and regional areas and the opportunities for future their use in Australia and New Zealand.

It covers the views of international experts on:

• cellular connectivity and digital infrastructure requirements 
• geofencing and managing access 
• physical infrastructure impact and requirements 
• platooning operations and technology advancement.

The webinar was presented on 25 September 2018, by Anthony Germanchev, Dr Ronny Kutadinata and Dr Steve Shladover.

Guide to Project Delivery Part 5: Road Construction Quality Assurance

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This webinar provides an overview of the first edition of Austroads Guide to Project Delivery Part 5: Road Construction Quality Assurance.

It covers:

  • the background to the Guide, and concerns with current Quality Assurance contracts
  • measures proposed in the Guide
  • what is involved in implementation of the Guide.

The webinar was presented on 20 September 2018 by Peter Balfe.

Minimum Levels of Componentisation for Road Infrastructure Assets

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This webinar, provides an overview of Austroads’ Guideline for Minimum Levels of Componentisation for Road Infrastructure Assets, and how to apply it.

It covers:
• the need for the Guideline
• the inconsistencies in current industry practice
• how the Guideline can be used to drive harmonisation for terminology, asset classification structure and item definition
• implementation considerations and associated benefits.

The webinar was presented on 11 September 2018 by Gary Rykers and Andrew Golding.

Australia and New Zealand Roads Capability Analysis 2017-2027

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This webinar, summarises the findings of Austroads’ Australia and New Zealand Roads Capability Analysis 2017-2027.

It covers
• current breakdowns of the roads skilled workforce in Australia and New Zealand
• state of play and outlook for roads activities and skills demand
• insights from industry survey and interviews on existing capability concerns
• how new technologies will drive skills demand, and where the greatest risks to capability lie
• how the broader roads industry can respond positively to the workforce skills challenge.

The webinar was presented on 6 September 2018, by Adrian Hart, BIS Oxford Economics.

Scoping Study for a Location Referencing Model to Support the BIM Environment

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This webinar, outlines the impact of BIM technology on location referencing and the proposed new theoretical framework to develop a National Location Reference Hub. 

It covers:
• importance of critical business models for Austroads asset management harmonisation
• interpretations of location, location reference methods (LRM) and location reference systems (LRS)
• roles of the LRM families
• significance of routable networks and the implications of dynamic location reference standards from intelligent transportation systems (ITS) on static asset management
• potential for development using open systems and principals-IFC, Semantic Web, OpenLR
• role that a National Hub could play in future management of road asset network infrastructure.

The webinar was presented on 25 July 2018 by Dr Russell Kenley and Dr Richard Yeo.

Appropriate Use of Marginal and Non-standard Materials in Road Construction and Maintenance

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This webinar outlines ways to optimise the use of marginal and non-standard materials and gain best value from the successful performance of standard materials.

It covers:
• applying a proposed assessment process to a wider suite of material types for use in sealed roads
• future directions in this research
• an evaluation framework for materials, including improvements through different forms of stabilisation
• case studies that better assess the optimum use of non-standard road-building materials evaluated on a life-cycle cost basis.

The webinar was presented on 17 July 2018 by Mick Savage, Tyrone Toole and Zia Rice.

Network Performance Indicators

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This webinar outlines a set of principles for the presentation of Austroads' Network Performance Indicators which could underpin increased use and application across road agencies in Australasia for both current and future iterations.

It covers:
• how performance is measured in other areas and sectors
• eight key principles for presentation of road performance data
• insights from an industry practice review
• implications of the principles for the Network Performance Indicators.

The webinar was presented on 12 July 2018 by Ben Mason, Paul Carter and Callum Hooper.

Connected and Automated Vehicles Trials

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This webinar provides an overview of progress and key lessons learnt from three major Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) trials in Australia.

It covers: 
• ARRB/ConnectEast/VicRoads development of road certification criteria for partially automated vehicles on motorways through testing of a range of vehicles equipped with traffic sign recognition, lane keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control.
• Queensland’s Connected and Automated Vehicle Initiative’s C-ITS Pilot which is testing eight C-ITS use-cases on 500 vehicles on arterial and motorway roads in Ipswich.
• NSW Centre for Road Safety Cooperative Intelligent Transport Initiative’s (CITI) project which is the first large scale evaluation of C-ITS applications in heavy vehicles.

The webinar was presented on 3 July 2018 by Chris Jones, Niko Limans, Samantha Taylor, Dr Miranda Blogg and John Wall.

Guideline for Continual Improvement Processes for Asset Management

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This webinar provides an overview of a guideline that aims to provide asset management practitioners with an understanding of the factors that contribute to enabling and sustaining continual improvement.

It covers:
• the factors that contribute to achieving and sustaining continual improvement.
• how to create an environment conducive to continual improvement
• approaches to identify, evaluation and prioritise continual improvement initiatives
• how to implement and monitor initiative to sustain and build on success.

The webinar was presented on 28 June 2018 by Aneurin Hughes and Stephen Walker.

Benefits of Safety and Traffic Management Technologies

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This webinar summarises the results of a domestic and international review of recently-developed ITS technologies.

It covers:
• technologies that were evaluated, including a qualitative indication of their costs and benefits 
• evaluation methodology that was developed to evaluate the quality of published ITS performance studies.

The webinar was presented on 19 June 2018 by Dr Glenn Geers.