Austroads: Transport Research and Trends

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Charting Changes in Austroads’ Guide to Traffic Management

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This webinar, presented by Richard Delplace and David Green on 19 May, provides an overview of changes to the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management. These changes follow the completion of Austroads project NTM6100: Translating research into practice – Advancing the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management. One of the aims of the project was to recommend and implement changes to the Guide to ensure that it is clearer and more useful to its users.

Webinar | Education and Training for Drivers of Assisted and Automated Vehicles

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This webinar, held on 13 May, identifies the skills, knowledge and behaviours drivers need, now and in the future, to safely operate cars and trucks equipped with higher levels of automation. It was presented by Professor Michael Regan, Dr Prasannah Prabhakharan, Phil Wallace and Mitch Cunningham.

Webinar | Bridge Assessment Beyond the AS5100 Deterministic Methodology

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This webinar, presented on 30 April, gives an overview of ways to assess the safety of existing bridges beyond the Rating Factor approach of AS5100. It was presented by Dr Colin Caprani, Dr Mayer M Melhem and Professor Mark G Stewart.

Webinar | Investigation and Development of Bridge Formulae for Inclusion in the Performance-based Standards

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This webinar, presented on 29 April 2020, discusses the merits of three options to advance the future of PBS access in Australia as it relates to bridges. It was presented by Angus Draheim, Matthew Bereni and Neal Lake.

Webinar | Sustainable Roads Through Fit-for-purpose Use of Available Materials

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This webinar, presented on 15 April 2020, provides an overview of the key components which influence fit-for-purpose material selection for low to medium volume regional and rural roads.

It covers:

  • material performance and risk assessment
  • risk reduction techniques
  • materials option assessment
  • life cycle cost assessment process.

It considers material properties, traffic, climate, material modification and stabilisation, and life-cycle-cost implications. Case studies provide real-life, practical examples.

It was presented by Mick Savage, Zia Rice and Tyrone Toole.

An Australian Drink Driving Policy and Regulatory Framework

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This webinar, delivered on 9 April 2020, examines alcohol related road trauma and reports on the differing legislation, penalty and enforcement policies and practices in place across Australian jurisdictions. It recommends improvements in policy and practice for both the short and long term.

It was presented by Greer Banyer, Eric Howard and Anne Harris.

Assessment of Key Road Operator Actions to Support Electric Vehicles

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This webinar, delivered on 31 March 2020, provides insights into a recent Austroads report that identifies actions that road operators can take to support the transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

The presentation covers:

  • The different types of electric vehicles.
  • Core and non-core functions of road operators in supporting the transition to EVs.
  • The key themes that influence the actions road operators need to consider to support the transition to EVs. This includes leadership, governance, mass/license concessions, registration and licensing data, EV charging guidelines and EV charging infrastructure.
  • The key core actions (must do actions) around registration & licensing, road access and EV charging infrastructure. In addition to an overview of the key non-core actions (may do actions to further support the transition to EVs) around education, governance and EV charging infrastructure.

It was presented by John Wall, David Green, Mark Gjerek and Nathan Gore-Brown.

Integrating Safe System with Movement and Place with for Vulnerable Road Users

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This webinar, presented by Dr Bruce Corben on 26 March 2020, demonstrates ways to integrate Safe System design and operation with Movement and Place for vulnerable road users, in particular pedestrians and cyclists.

Local Government Road Safety Management Guidance

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This webinar, held on 27 February 2020, provides an overview of Austroads guidance on contemporary best practice methods for developing and implementing road safety management frameworks for local government.

Local government roads typically have a more diverse range of road types, environments and users than state roads, which makes them difficult to manage. The crash rate is generally twice that of state roads and previously much of the body of industry guidance has not been directly relevant to the local government sector.

It covers:
• the road safety management system and its relevance for local government in Australia and New Zealand
• principles and processes for the development of a framework for road safety management
• developing interventions for local government and key stages in developing of road safety programs
• implementation and the importance and purpose of monitoring and evaluation.

This webinar was presented by Paul Durdin.

Managing Sealed and Unsealed Local Roads

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This webinar provides an overview of the life cycle management of local sealed and unsealed  roads. It highlights the Austroads Guides and the AUS-SPEC national local government specification system which assist local government practitioners to design, construct and maintain sealed and unsealed roads.

The webinar was presented on 17 February 2020 by Mick Savage and Nandini Mehta.