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Integrating Safe System with Movement and Place with for Vulnerable Road Users

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This webinar, presented by Dr Bruce Corben on 26 March 2020, demonstrates ways to integrate Safe System design and operation with Movement and Place for vulnerable road users, in particular pedestrians and cyclists.

Local Government Road Safety Management Guidance

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This webinar, held on 27 February 2020, provides an overview of Austroads guidance on contemporary best practice methods for developing and implementing road safety management frameworks for local government.

Local government roads typically have a more diverse range of road types, environments and users than state roads, which makes them difficult to manage. The crash rate is generally twice that of state roads and previously much of the body of industry guidance has not been directly relevant to the local government sector.

It covers:
• the road safety management system and its relevance for local government in Australia and New Zealand
• principles and processes for the development of a framework for road safety management
• developing interventions for local government and key stages in developing of road safety programs
• implementation and the importance and purpose of monitoring and evaluation.

This webinar was presented by Paul Durdin.

Vehicles as a Workplace

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This webinar provides an overview of the ‘Vehicles as a Workplace: Work Health & Safety Guide' from a safety, regulatory and industry perspective.

The Vehicles as a Workplace Guide provides practical risk management guidance for individuals and organisations who use vehicles on public roads for work.

The guide describes a process for dealing with road traffic hazards in line with work health and safety (WHS) legislation and road traffic safety principles. It covers all vehicle use in road traffic and complements other legislative requirements that apply to businesses whose primary purpose is transport, such as bus, truck or taxi operators.

The webinar was presented on 9 October 2019 by Martin Small, Grant Phillips, Mace Hartley and Peter Daly.

National View on Regional and Remote Road Safety

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This webinar provides an overview of the causes and contributing factors behind road crashes in regional and remote areas, and strategic guidance to identify the best approaches to eliminate harm.

It covers:

  • key current road safety issues in regional and remote areas based on crash data and the research literature
  • stakeholder perspectives on current issues
  • evidence-based measures and new initiatives for improving road safety in regional and remote areas
  • recommendations, aligned with the Safe System approach, that provide strategic directions for future actions
  • future opportunities for regional and remote road safety.

The webinar was presented on 1 October 2019 by Melissa Watts and Dr Lisa Wundersitz.

A National Approach to Measuring Non-fatal Crash Outcomes

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This webinar gives an overview of an Austroads pilot project to improve the measurement and reporting of serious injury crashes.

It covers

  • background and objectives of the study
  • the data provision, preparation and analysis
  • statistical results such as non-fatal hospitalised roads injury cases
  • conclusions from Stage 1 of the project and recommendations.

The webinar was presented on 4 April 2019 by Professor James Harrison and Dr Angela Watson.

Road Risk Assessment, Case Studies and Engagement Guidance for Speed Management

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This webinar provides an overview of Infrastructure Risk Rating - a simple road assessment methodology designed to assess road safety risk at a network level, primarily as an input to the speed limit setting process.

It covers:

  • case studies demonstrating speed management interventions that were successfully applied in Australia and New Zealand
  • good practice guidance for engagement and consultation to effectively implement speed management interventions
  • the Infrastructure Risk Rating Tool which allows Infrastructure Risk Rating to be calculated for a road segment by selecting key road and roadside attributes
  • recommendations towards the implementation of the findings of the project.

The webinar was presented on 26 March 2019 by Haris Zia and Dale Harris.

Guide to Road Safety Part 6: Managing Road Safety Audits

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This webinar provides an overview of the new Guide to Road Safety Part 6: Managing Road Safety Audits.

It covers

  • the defined roles, requirements and expectations of the Project Sponsor, Project Manager and Audit Team Leader towards an optimal outcome
  • where road safety audits sit within contemporary operating environments and contexts and how we can best embed and integrate the road safety audit process within Safe System thinking
  • how findings (risks) and treatment options can be categorised by the extent of their ‘alignment’ to the Safe System
  • the next steps - the consolidation of the new Part 6 (management) and Part 6A (implementation)

The webinar was presented on 21 March 2019 by Paul Hillier, Kenn Beer and Joseph Le.

Best Practice in Road Safety Infrastructure Programs

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This webinar provides best practice recommendations for the development of Road Safety Infrastructure Programs (RSIPs) that align with the safe system approach.

It covers:
• a best practice structure for the development and implementation of RSIPs
• guidance to demonstrate how program development and implementation can be improved to make greater fatal and serious casualty savings from road safety infrastructure investment
• case studies of current best and good practice
• recommendations towards the implementation of findings including benchmarking industry progress.

The webinar was presented on 15 May 2018 by Paul Durdin and Dave Smith.

Towards Safe System Infrastructure

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This webinar, provides an overview of the new Austroads compendium of knowledge on Safe System treatments and real world experience in the practical application of solutions that can mitigate crash severity. It outlines information covered in a series of workshops on the translation of the Safe System approach, enabling attendees to consider the application of the theories onto their own road networks.

It covers the:
• new Austroads compendium on Safe System infrastructure relating to planning, designing and managing roads and roadsides
• origins of the Safe System and current implementation
• Safe System solutions that can be used to address key crash types
• tools that have been developed to help align infrastructure projects with Safe System outcomes.

The webinar was presented on 10 May 2018 by Associate Professor Jeremy Woolley and Dr Blair Turner.

Safe System Infrastructure on Mixed Use Arterials

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This webinar outlines ways to improve safety and achieve Safe System outcomes on mixed use arterial roads. It was presented by Dr Blair Turner and Kenn Beer on 8 February 2018. 

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