Austroads: Transport Research and Trends

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Best Practice in Road Safety Infrastructure Programs

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This webinar provides best practice recommendations for the development of Road Safety Infrastructure Programs (RSIPs) that align with the safe system approach.

It covers:
• a best practice structure for the development and implementation of RSIPs
• guidance to demonstrate how program development and implementation can be improved to make greater fatal and serious casualty savings from road safety infrastructure investment
• case studies of current best and good practice
• recommendations towards the implementation of findings including benchmarking industry progress.

The webinar was presented on 15 May 2018 by Paul Durdin and Dave Smith.

Towards Safe System Infrastructure

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This webinar, provides an overview of the new Austroads compendium of knowledge on Safe System treatments and real world experience in the practical application of solutions that can mitigate crash severity. It outlines information covered in a series of workshops on the translation of the Safe System approach, enabling attendees to consider the application of the theories onto their own road networks.

It covers the:
• new Austroads compendium on Safe System infrastructure relating to planning, designing and managing roads and roadsides
• origins of the Safe System and current implementation
• Safe System solutions that can be used to address key crash types
• tools that have been developed to help align infrastructure projects with Safe System outcomes.

The webinar was presented on 10 May 2018 by Associate Professor Jeremy Woolley and Dr Blair Turner.

Safe System Infrastructure on Mixed Use Arterials

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This webinar outlines ways to improve safety and achieve Safe System outcomes on mixed use arterial roads. It was presented by Dr Blair Turner and Kenn Beer on 8 February 2018. 

Older Road Users- Emerging Trends

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This webinar provides an overview of the emerging trends in crash involvement among older road users, aged 75 years and over. It was presented by Dr Matthew Baldock on 24 November 2016.