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Strategic Review of the Guide to Traffic Management

November 11, 2021

Austroads Guide to Traffic Management (AGTM) has been a valuable resource for industry, particularly amongst traffic engineering and operations cohorts. The transport context is evolving rapidly, and a strategic review identified that a new approach is needed to keep pace with industry expectations and the strategic objectives of Austroads and its members.

The new Austroads Guide to Transport Operations and Management (AGTOM) is planned to feature a new format as well as updated content.

This webinar, presented by Richard Delplace, Andrew Somers, Craig Moran, Andrew Wall and Simon Latham, covers:

  • The key findings of the review of AGTM.
  • Insights from leaders within transport agencies on the challenges the new AGTOM needs to help users to navigate.
  • The objectives, rationale and overview of the new AGTOM.
  • Austroads’ plans to transition from the AGTM to the AGTOM.